Why is it still so hard to find swimwear that is both functional and fashionable?!

That's where we come in. Tired of spending the turn of the season each year scouring shops for a training cossie we couldn’t wait to wear, only to resort to something we hurried to take off, the concept of Imama Zin was born.

While many brands offer women who swim functional swimwear, for many of us optimising race times and competition isn't what drives us. Instead there's a large pool of women who are motivated to swim by personal wellbeing, and simply want to look and feel their best while doing so. It's why we believe that fashion MUST be a fundamental pillar for design, so women are not short-changed on their potential to feel their most amazing. 

It's also why we’ve developed active swimwear with a purpose-driven design system, to make women feel in fashion, comfortable, and strong, from the moment she steps into her suit, to when she is moving through water. We achieve this by using high-performance and sustainable, Italian fabrics, and modern construction technology, to create a fresh, feminine, sportif aesthetic.

Why? Because when a woman feels her most amazing, it changes the way she takes on not just her swim, but her entire day. You could say it makes her unstoppable. 




It's always nice to put a face to the name so I wanted to say hello. I'm Dennelle, and behind Imama Zin. I'm from Bondi, and have always had one toe in the water my entire life. Fitness has always been a big part of it too - from studying Human Movement at university, to getting my first 'real job' at Adidas, through to playing high-level competitive soccer for 24 years, and having set a few middle-distance running records in my time too. On that note, as I hit my mid-late 30s I started having real problems with cartilage loss in my knees that prevented me from doing many of the things I love - such as the running and soccer. It was then I turned to the pool, more often than I did since the obligatory squad training days of my childhood! As such, every season I would scour the shops trying to find a functional swimsuit for my lap swimming, that was more flattering than a Speedo and stylistically, a bit more 'me'. One year I just couldn't find one I liked - and that was when Imama Zin active swimwear became an idea.  I then took some time out of my busy advertising career, to focus on making that idea a reality. Today, I'm passionate about moving regularly and enjoyably, as well as making sure that swimming is a big part of my overall fitness routine. For me it's what I've learnt keeps me moving forward - both my mind and my body - no matter what comes my way. I'm also passionate about ensuring we can all enjoy wearing swimwear that performs when we're on the move, be it swimming or otherwise. Swimwear that makes us feel fit, strong, and like the force we are.

If you spot me walking or swimming around Bondi - do say hello! Otherwise, stay connected via our mailing list or on IG @imamazinswim.